Thursday, June 18, 2015

Delta MQDs and the Aeromexico deal! Get MQDs at 70% off!

Delta was the first airline to attach a spending requirement to their elite status requirements.
As of now, the requirements vary depending on each status level but vary between 3000-15000 in "spending" depending on the the level you wish to obtain.

This is usually interpreted as a highly negative change for those of us who play the mileage game, but as usual in the game, every-time a door closes a window opens up allowing us to continue to play this game.

In case of the Aeromexico ORD-EZE sale, it seems that for a ticket price of $1500 one could obtain close to 25,000 MQMs and $5000 in MQDs so easily making Silver in one flight or Gold in two flights.

ORD-MEX-EZE-MEX-ORD per gives about 12,540 flown miles , which if booked as a J fare would credit at 25,080 miles and $5016 in MQDs (40% of flown miles).
So for a $1500 business class fare to South America you get more than triple the MQD spend. Even if not a Delta Diamond, this provides one of the greatest loopholes to obtaining Delta status for cheap. Whether Delta status is worth it is debatable, but for those flyers locked into a Delta hub and forced to fly them, this is great way to get MQDs for cheap!

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