Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Flying Singapore HKG-SIN First Class!

Singapore Airlines SQ 1 HKG-SIN
Boeing 777-300 First Class 

My cost less than USD 1000 (based on miles valuation)

After a night in Hong Kong , I boarded the N22 bus direct to Terminal 1 and about an hour later I arrived at HKG Terminal 1. I dropped by the SQ check-in demand collected a BP for "The Private Room in SIN"
A few minutes later I was at the newly renovated SQ lounge for a preflight bite.

I was presently surprised when I boarded and saw the newly renovated F product/seat which was very similar to the old seat, a great product for the 3 hour hop to Singapore.

SQ 1 starts in SFO before crossing the Pacific, I flew the prior segment back in 2013 on the Airbus 380. But this leg was operated by the 777 allowing me to sample some new Singapore Airlines cabins.

On this short hop neither pajamas nor amenity kits were distributed and it was a breakfast service with no BTC.

I had the omelet with a fresh cappuccino and several glasses of champagne.
Shortly after we landed in Singapore and debated what to do during my layover.

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