Tuesday, November 3, 2015

AA changes earnings on British and Iberia! (Y and Y+)

A few weeks ago , both the blogosphere and most frequent fliers were shocked when American Airlines published a teaser new earnigns chart on a german version of the site.

This chart, which was categorically denied by American Airlines, would have gutted earning opportunities on British Airways and Iberia, in particular the Deep Discount  Economy and something that most bloggers have not mentioned is that Discount Economy Plus tickets also are impacted.

Coach (defined as World Traveller or WT) in BA-speak will earn 25-50% on many types of fares versus the current 100%. This puts it in line with what BA gives to people crediting to the Avios program after February 1st, 2016.

Premium Coach (Defined as World Traveller Plus or WT+) in BA-speak will still get 100% EQMs and 150% EQPs but the extra miles (10%) as a ¨Class of Service Bonus¨ is gone from all but fullfare WT+ fares.

Current Earnings

Earnings Post February 1st

This is not as huge impact as the gutting of Economy earning, but still a sad development which fortells other painful changes in my favorite program.

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