Monday, October 23, 2017

Air Astana Boeing 767 Business Class

Air Astana 991
Almaty (ALA) to Astana, Kazakstan
Business Class
Boeing 767-300

Astana and Almaty could not be more different, Almaty the former capital, has a Soviet/European feel. The devaluation of the local currency (tenge) has helped make the city more affordable but still there is a huge difference between the afordable food options and luxury like options that are out of reach for more Kazaks.

I planned to take an Uber to the airport, and once again, Taxi troubles struck and it took over 25 minutes and various cancelled rides to get a ride to the airport. I had already done OLCI but I had no boarding pass. As to make things worse, I hit traffic and arrived at the airport about 40 minutes prior to departure.

Business Class passengers check-in on a side room, which also counts as the Air Astana Business class lounge, this lounge is probably the worse lounge in the world, with no free food/beverage options and serves as just a reserved sitting area prior to security.

Afterwards, it was time to board the Boeing 767 which would take me up north to the new capital city Astana.

Air Astana 991
Boeing 767 Business Class

The plane is configured in a 1-2-1 seating and provides a very comfortable ride , this plane operates several Asia and Europe flights.

Pre-Departure (non-alcoholic) beverages such as water and apple juice

 Menus were distributed prior to departure, a very nice detail on this short internal hop....

Travelling Teddy Bear in her own little patch...

I chose the Georgian dumplings as my main choice and they were absolutely delicious...

Afterwards, I caught up with a miniseries on the IFE system and got ready for landing in the playland known as Astana...

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