Analysis and Optimization

Travel Analysis and Optimization


Tired of taking a 6 AM flight in the middle of December to Des Moines or Minneapolis, only to be stuck in a middle seat in the last row? This is common dilemma for many consultants who spend 4-5 days on the road, staying at a variety of hotels, flying many airlines (both legacy and low cost) and use both personal and corporate credit cards for all their travels.

Here at, we can for a fee analyze your travel patterns and indicate areas that can produce a greater number of points, while being cognizant of specific limitations due to CWT, PeopleSoft and other reimbursement portals and client specific limitations.

Reach out to our team and we can advise you on how to make the best of the next project and be on a path towards upgrades!

Large Families/Small Businesses:

We understand that traveling with your family can be a stressful proposition. With our knowledge of airfare deals and mileage points, we can help you set up mileage programs to accumulate points from various travelers and redeem those points for family or personal adventures.

Both OneWorld and Star Alliance offer programs which allow you to pool and collect points from various travelers within the same family into a “master account” allowing you to control and get the best use of the points accumulated in the group.

Religious Travelers: 

Aiming To visit the Holy Land, Egypt or different parts of Middle East and Asia. Our team can help you plan the trip taking into consideration transit visas, dietary preferences and other considerations so that your next trip is in style and accordance with your preferences.

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