Mileage Booking Services

Mileage Booking Services

From simple domestic tickets to complex multi-continent trips funded from multiple mileage programs, here at we have dealt with, booked and flown those trips and are ready to help you achieve your travel and redemption needs. Since 2010 our team have accumulated and booked over 4 million miles across a variety of airlines and programs.

One key feature that distinguishes us from other services is that we take into consideration client specific needs such as the transit visa requirements in other to propose itineraries that are both efficient and provide a quality travel experiences for you or anyone that you wish to use your miles to treat for a flight.

Flight Planning

At PremiumCabinDeals we speak flights and understand that you may not. We can help you plan your flights based upon the optimal combination of travel dates, routes, airlines all while taking into consideration specific requirements and preferences to get you to your destination in style. After you're booked, feel free to send any air travel questions you have to the team and we'll find the answers so that your journey is a premium journey.

Flight Monitoring and Delay/Cancellation support

We keep a look on your flight so that you can spend time with family and friends and not worry about it. We monitor weather conditions at major transit airports across the globe as well as potential labor disruptions. If we see that your flight can be affected we promptly reach out with potential alternative flights so you can recover quickly from any disruption. If you have travel insurance, we also can prepare a packet to assist in your claim process (if eligible)

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