Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cessna hopping around Africa: Coastal Air ZNZ-DAR

After a few days in Zanzibar, it was  time to head home.

I had booked a DAR-DXB-DFW Emirates First Class ticket but first needed to get to Dar Es Salaam.

I booked a flight on Coastal Air which was operated by a Cessna 208, one of the smallest planes I've ever flown.

Coastal has a great reputation compared to other airlines flying the short flight between the two cities .
I had spent two night in Zanzibar which I found to be a fascinating and very interesting city. Being so close to the Equator , temperatures were boiling at times, but the sea was lovely.

I took a cab to the airport and "checked in" for the flight, it was a breeze and was given a boarding pass and told to board a plane that was waiting on the tarmac.

Sadly, the copilot seat was taken so I had to settle for a normal seat in the plane.

We were treated to some spectacular views as we crossed the sea over to the mainland.

 Precision Air lands at the domestic terminal which was quiet a distance to the international terminal.

But Precision Air provides a free Landside shuttle between the Domestic and International terminals. 

There are many flight options between DAR and ZNZ, but after speaking to several locals, Coastal Air is one of the best operators, with the vast majority of operators experiencing delays ,etc.

Here are some additional Stone Town and Zanzibar photos!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Another week, another TATL... United EWR-BRU - Brussels

United 999
April 2015
Boeing 777 - Business Class

United just loves to keep their product secret from bloggers. Another much  more famous blogger got kicked off the plane when flying them last year. Even when not blogging about a certain product, I like to board early to compare various different products and service levels both across airlines with in the same alliance and also across alliances. 
I had booked this flight as part of a chainSAW Lifemiles ticket which allowed you to book flights to Istanbul and only pay intra-US business class mileage,sadly this fare is long gone...

The flight started as any other quiet TATL on United on their cattle car Boeing 777 Business Class which is configured as 8 across.

After the first three pictures, an FA approaches me and asks why I'm taking photos,I refer to their magazine which doesn't prohibit photography and I'm left alone but..."Thanks for flying the friendly skies"

Here is the Food and Drinks menu off the flight:

The dinner service was very uneventful, I had given up hard liquor for lent so had to try the various United swill/floor cleaners disguised as "wine".

Appetizer was forgettable and the shoe served as beef was tough as a rock, but the Ice Cream Sundae did make up for the dinner.

The best part of the flight: Ice Cream Sundae! Sadly just one cherry! :(
I was able to sleep for about two hours during the short flight and skipped breakfast in order to rest up a bit before the long day ahead of me..

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Off to Southern Europe on Delta! (Boeing 767 JFK-BRU)

Delta 42
Delta ONE
February 2015

Another miserably cold week in New York so decided to embark on a trip around Southern Europe Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Transdnister

After a quick pit stop at the SkyClub and almost going crazy trying to get the printer to work in order to print some extra boarding passes, it was time to board.

The flight was operated by a Boeing 767-300 in the new DeltaOne/ONE Cabin aka the normal BusinessElite with a new and complex name!


Menu was done together with Blue Smoke so it was not your ordinary meal service.

For starters an interesting combo followed by a salad and soup (which was served from the same type of container as coffee)

The salad was a mushroom and feta cheese salad and was quite tasty.
Main course was Pork ribs with beans and cornbread, I guess Delta has to stay true to its Dixie and Southern roots ;)

Desert was the classic sundae but with an option for stout ice cream, it really hit the spot.

Now sadly, flight time was just 6:02 this evening and made it impossible to sleep. 

Regarding the seat, while direct aisle access is great, it can feel kind of tight at shoulder level.

After watching a few episodes of GoT I slept for 20 minutes and breakfast was served.
Full omelet service is always nice compared to the continental breakfast served at times on other airlines.

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