The last few years have been a unique time in the mileage / airline status space. Many travelers, especially frequent fliers now wonder whether Airline Status is “worth it”??
If you are close to re-qualifying should they book a last-minute trip in December and are mystified by terms such as MQDs, PQDs, EQPs vs. EQMs and how to calculate RDMs.

Here at PremiumCabin.Deals, we live and breathe Airline status, our team is familiar with all three major alliances as well as several unique opportunities that exist at smaller airlines to optimize and provide Airline status in the most efficient way considering your individual travel patterns.

Based upon the information you provide, our team can set up a virtual or phone based consulting call where we go over our propriety Premium Status Analysis model, which takes into consideration your existing flying patterns, travel objectives (upgrades vs. Premium seats, Early boarding vs Extra luggage etc.) as well as geographic locations and personal desires to determine which Airline Program is best for you.

Some of our specialties include Status Matches and Airline Challenges that can help you obtain status in a more efficient and faster way.

    • Iberia Special: A few months ago, Iberia launched a promo where various customers were able to take advantage of this promo and accumulated 90,000 Avios for less than $300!
    • Delta MQDs: Are you a Delta flyer running short on MQDs towards year end? We have published plenty of specials over the past few months and can help you obtain higher airline status!
    • Status Matches: Back in December, Aerolineas Argentinas offered an easy Status Match opportunity via which various clients got  SkyTeam status
    • Recently using promotional fares from a certain Middle Eastern Airline, we were able to turn a client from a non-status American Airline passenger into a top-tier Executive Platinum passenger by flying several flights over a period of a few weeks for under $5000 while obtaining over 150,000 RDMs which would be enough for three One-way Business class tickets to Europe or Asia!
    • A client based in the Balkans was Lufthansa Senator (Star Gold or “*G”) for several years, but due to changes in her travel pattern did not anticipate being able to re-qualify but still wanted to maintain her *G status. We found another Star Alliance program which allowed her to maintain this status at a significant discount!


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