Here at PremiumCabin.Deals we have a variety of proprietary models that we use to optimize your travel. We can propose changes to increase overall awards via usage of different Mileage programs, changing credit card spends or using “flexible” tickets such as the “Arbitrage models.” 

During our Consultation phase we work with you or your team to determine and analyze anticipated future travel patterns and status goals. Here we use our skills towards the next phase where we implement our recommendations your future travel patterns and plans

Case Studies: 
a) Consultants: Are you a consultant with tons of flown miles but low EQD or MQD? We can consider certain trips that maximize the “spend” at the lowest price. 

Did you know that a $650 First Class trip from New York to Cancun could give you 500 or 5000 MQDs depending on whether you fly Delta or Aeromexico?

Or that you can still fly American Airlines Business Class, but if using a codeshare, you could earn a lot more EQDs? We understand that the mileage game is changing and we evolve with the changes…

b) Multi-User Accounts: We understand that traveling with your family can be a stressful proposition. With our knowledge of airfare deals and mileage points, we can help you set up mileage programs to accumulate points from various travelers and redeem those points for family or personal adventures.
Were you aware that can collect miles for your whole family with ANA, Aegean or EgyptAir among other programs and potentially double-dip status miles?

Both OneWorld and Star Alliance offer programs which allow you to pool and collect points from various travelers within the same family into a “master account” allowing you to control and get the best use of the points accumulated in the group.

This also works for small families owned businesses where employees may be related to the head of the account.

c) Promotions: A few months ago, Iberia launched a promo where you could accumulate 90,000 Avios for less than $300 and various PCD customers were able to take advantage of this promo and even travel from Germany to Argentina in Business Class for less than $1300!


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