Thursday, December 31, 2015

Baby Jet across the pond! British Airbus 318!

British Airways BA 1
London City (LCY) to New York - JFK via Shannon (SNN)
Airbus 318 - Business Class

I've always been fascinated with the BA1-4 flights, at one time these were operated by the legendary Concorde and now are operated from London City Airport by a sub fleet of Airbus 318 in an all-business class cabin with just 32 seats. These flights operate with a technical stop in Shannon , Ireland where the plane is refueled and passengers on BA 1 but not BA 3 can pre-clear customs and arrive as a domestic passenger in New York- JFK.

One hour later we were off across the pond to New York!

 Starting with a lovely salad!

Excellent Lamb and Pasta option!

Prior to landing a cold-cut dish was served!

Have you ever flown the Babybus? Interested in learning more? Comment below or reach the team at!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Qatar Airways Boeing 787 - Spectacular Business Class!

Qatar Airways
Boeing 787 Business Class

A few months ago, I was in the Gulf and had a chance to experience one of the best Business Class products that I have seen so far on a Boeing 787. I boarded early with coach (bus gates in Oman mean Business boards last) in order to have a chance to take some beautiful pictures of this new beauty!


Huge Individual screens!

Snack time on an hour and change flight!

Mood light time!

Row 6, the least private set of seats onboard, avoid if possible.

Overall this was a spectacular flight, these seats are also on the Airbus 350, a plane I need to fly soon!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Why is the Turkish lounge the Best Business Class lounge in the World?

One of the best reasons to transit Istanbul Airport is the spectacular Turkish Airways lounge, which started as a 3000 sq2 meter lounge, recently another 2400 sq2 where added to this already spectacular lounge.

Access is restricted to Business Class and Star Gold. If looking to get Star Gold status easily, please reach out to our team!

Look at all the food!

 Siting areas!
 More siting areas!

Nuts, going nuts with all the nuts and olives!

Not a dry airport!
 Olive bar!

Little Race Track!
 Seriously, a race track!

 Fresh Pretzels!

 Video Games!!

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