Tuesday, June 14, 2016

From New York to Berlin in Business Class on AirBerlin...

AirBerlin - AB 7259
New York (JFK) - Berlin (TXL)
Business Class - Airbus 330

AirBerlin operates various flights between from the USA to Berlin and Dusseldorf on a reconfigured Airbus 330 with a similar seat to Alitalia and Etihad.

Service started with some nuts and a glass of champagne. 

 Each seat has direct aisle access , which offers privacy but can be a bit of a tight fit.


The meal service started with a Turkey/Chicken appetizer , a super small salad and a choice of beverages.

I chose Beef as my main dish which was served in a semi-stew manner.

Small Cheese plate as a mini-dessert and then it was time to catch some sleep on the short TATL.

After a few hours of sleep, a quick continental breakfast was served...

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Middle Eastern Carriers During Ramadan

Over the past decade, the Middle East 3 and other airlines have changed the flying patterns of millions. Many frequent flyers now re-route themselves and fly through the middle east in order to enjoy better quality lounges and airplanes, especially in premium cabins. ;)

Here at PremiumCabinDeals we have flown Emirates, Qatar, Gulf and Etihad in their Premium Cabins both intra-Gulf and across the globe and enjoy the service levels both in-flight and on the ground.

As these airlines are based in observant Muslim nations, during the month of Ramadan, there are several changes in on-the-ground and in-flight services which may impact certain travelers. 

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