American Airlines: 
Boeing 767 Business Class

A few weeks ago I had to fly to Boston for a Sales competition, I decided to fly AA via JFK and try out the newly remodeled Business Class on their Boeing 767s.

The Cabin looks great with a 1-2-1 seating ensuring direct aisle access from each lie-flat seat. 

Taking off from Barcelona gave some excellent views of the Catalan coast...

Service started  with the classic Hot Nuts and a Double Jack and Coke Zero

Meal started with a side salad and a mozzarella/tomato appetizer served with a side Pretzel bread!!

Sadly, I forgot to pre-order and the only option left was the leather boot, there is no way this could be called Beef, it was harder than an old boot and even when I bathed it in Pepper it was a total disaster.

Started to watch Trainwreck, a funny airplane ready comedy! 

Dessert Time:  Ice Cream Sundae with Chocolate Sauce and Cream!

About an hour and half prior to landing a Salmon salad was offered...

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