Sunday, April 22, 2018

Tour de Lounges at LHR T2: Lufthansa Senator lounge

Lufthansa Terminal 2 LHR Senator Lounge

This is the only Star Alliance lounge located in the A part of the terminal. The lounge has two parts, the Business Class lounge and a separate Senator lounge accesible via a QR code for Star Gold passengers.

Both lounges have a variety of hot dishes to chose from as well as Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available as self serve. This lounge is mostly used by passengers flying Lufthansa, Aegean and SAS. But if you have some additional time, the quality of the United or Raffles lounge is much superior to the Senator lounge.


Lots of seating areas all around the lounge...

Today's option included a curry with rice...

A variety of tasty German beers were available and during parts of the year such as Oktoberfest, the lounge is re-imagined with long tables and additional German foods on offer.

The food section offers a variety of hot dishes salads/appetizers

This concludes our Tour de Lounges at LHR T2, coming up the Tour visits T3 and the OneWorld lounges available to enjoy prior to your flight.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Tour de Lounges at LHR T2: Air Canada

Tour de Lounges at LHR T2 - Air Canada

As part of the Tour de Lounges at LHR T2 I stopped by the AIr Canada lounge. This lounge is also located in the satellite terminal at T2 and right next to the Singapore lounge. 

There is a bartender that serves a variety of drinks, but it doesn't compare to the variety and quality of cocktails at the United lounge or the sweetness of a freshly made Singapore Sling at the SQ lounge.

The lounge also had a variety of dishes available buffet style, but lacking the variety of the Singapore or even United Club.

The entrance to the lounge is sleek and there is plenty of seating available so this lounge can serve as a backup lounge if the SQ lounge is too crowded. But in my opinion, this lounge deserves a pass.

What you encounter overall is an average and acceptable lounge that won't disappoint nor impress. Overall, a rare miss on this Tour of Lounges.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

COACH: Cologne to Phuket for €100 One-way

Heads up on a great Economy fare valid for just one day and last minute from Cologne, Germany to Phuket, Thailand. 

Sunwings operates several Airbus 330 for Eurowings. These flight feature a Premium Economy cabin configured in a 2-3-2 config and a main cabin in 2-4-2.

On this date, the Premium Cabin is full but one can book a bulkhead or exit row seat for just €20, which is a true bargain considering the long flight.

This is not a fare for everyone but it sure is a good deal for those looking for a oneway ticket from Europe to Asia.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Tour de Lounges at LHR T2: Singapore SilverKris Lounge

Singapore SilverKris Lounge at LHR Terminal 2

The Singapore SilverKris Lounge at LHR Terminal 2 is not as nice as the United Club but still has a bartender that can make some pretty decent drink such as these delightful and strong Singapore Slings...

One of the major negatives is the limited space between seating areas which can make the lounge can feel super crowded at peak times before the three Singapore flights.

Food options include a variety of hot and cold dishes served buffet style as well as some small sandwiches...

One of the interesting desert options are some 'Singapore Slingice cream that keep you in the Singapore mood...

 Double trouble SIngapore slings and Ice cream 😜

Of course, the lounge also includes several coffee machines, a great way to caffeine-up after some slings... 😉

Monday, April 16, 2018

Tour de Lounges at LHR T2: United Club

Terminal 2 - LHR lounge tour: United Club

I'll start this review with something rarely said, the best lounge in Terminal 2 at London Heathrow is the United Club.

It's hard to imagine, but United has done an excellent job with one of the longest bars I've seen outside of the Cathay Pacific HKG lounge.

The drinks menu runs several pages long and is done with professionalism and great skill by a team of superior bar-staff. They even inspired various creative drinks on the menu.

I would not recommend a LIT (Long Island Ice Tea) before a flight but to each there own... 😋😜

The wine selection offers a tasty Argentine Malbec

Late in the afternoon, this lounge is pretty quiet with most United flights having left westbound earlier during the day...

The lounge itself is in the B part of T2 so it's a 15 minute hike from the gates utilized for intra-Europe flights.

Food wise, the selection is a buffet with various options based upon the time of day.

The lounge also has showers and several quiet rooms that can be used to make calls or even work on your laptop.

Non-alcoholic drinks include a variety of flavored waters and juices.

Overall, this lounge provides a surprisingly good experience and significantly different than what one would expect at a United Club.

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