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ANA Lounge Lisbon review

ANA Lounge Lisbon

Until June 2017, the major lounge at Lisbon airport was the ANA lounge which serves a variety of carriers from LCCs to Full Service carriers.

Both of these lounges are accessed via an escalator / elevator from the central part of the airport to one floor above where it shares the floor with the TAP Premium Lounge.

Stairway to the Lounges...

View from outside

The lounge has some great views of the tarmac and excellent seating availability. 

The lounge offers a selection of beverages and sandwiches as well as showers (E 15.50) Officially this charge covers the use of a towel and toiletries, but not sure what would happen if you had your own towel.

More seating areas, the overall foot traffic of the lounge went down significantly since the TAP lounge opened. 

The lounge at times can feel crowded and at times a ghost town. Overall one of the best features of the lounge are the views of the tarmac and the Nespresso machines located across the lounge.

The lounge also has a smoking area.

Overall the lounge provides a respite from the crowds bellow as both the ANA and TAP lounges are accesible via an Escalator above the general public.

Just around the wall from the main food area is a small "bar" zone with additional wines, hard liquors and some more coffee machines.

Food quality is acceptable but can't compare to the variety of options at the TAP lounge. There are a variety of self serve Portuguese wines which help pass the time.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

TAP Airbus 330 New Business Class MPM-LIS

TAP Air Portugal 283 MPM - LIS
Airbus 330 - Business Class

As the only non-stop service to Europe, Maputo usually receives some of the oldest planes in the TAP fleet. This flight was first going to be operated by an Ancient Airbus 340 and then an old Airbus 330, but a week before the flight it switched to a newly renovated Airbus 330 with lie-flat seats and a new IFE system. 
This back and forth with plane switches continued till about 30 hours prior to departure. I was only truly sure of the final configuration when the. inbound plane from Lisbon was in the air.

I had originally booked myself into 3J, which together with 5J are the best seats on the plane. Due to all the cabin configuration shifts and wanting to avoid having to jump over another passenger, I selected a seat in the middle and as the air-gods had it , the flight shifted back to a new configuration but someone had grabbed the best seats. 2F was my seat for the long (10:40) flight to Lisbon. We departed close to an hour late due to a late inbound.

The flight serves a breakfast followed by a lunch service. The breakfast is somewhat light with pastries, fruit and some cheese cold cuts. But no omelette or warm dishes.

Menus from the flight

The crew somewhat vanished after breakfast and were in the galleries chatting afterwards. I would not recommend seats 1D/F due to significant light and noise exposure from the galley.

The IFE had a large selection of movies both recent releases and classics. 

About four hours out of Lisbon the cabin lights were turned on and the main meal service began.

The meal started with nuts and a canape, followed by a gouda cheese, beef and grape salad. A bit odd but tasty. This was followed by a Cream of Mushroom soup and the main dish, I decided to risk it and try the beef.The Steak with Madeira sauce with potatoes and vegetables was tasty and not too dry.
I choose the cheese plate with a 10 year port as my dessert.

Almost there.... Dinner time on TAP

I honestly enjoyed the new plane with a strong IFE selection and the 200% mileage credit to Aegean Airlines Miles & Bonus program. But the food options were limited, I mean an omelette or something more heavy could have been served after take off. Some small sandwiches were available in the galley between meal services.

JFK to Cartagena $740 with Avianca Business Class!

Avianca is having another great sale from New York (JFK) to Cartagena, Colombia with round trip tickets for $740!

Cartagena is a beautiful city on the Colombian coast with great heritage and food! This makes it a great long weekend escape from New York. Here at PremiumCabinDeals we visited the city a few years ago and found it full of interesting churches, great restaurants and even better nightlife. Do be careful with pickpocket if visiting the surrounding beaches and hills.


I have flown with Avianca on several occasions on their Boeing 787s and Airbus 330s. Several of the Airbus models have direct aisle access for all seats, which is standard on the Boeing 787.

Be very careful when picking flights from JFK to Bogota (BOG) as several flights are operated by WAMOS Airlines, a Spanish charter airline which operates a significantly inferior product and can cause some issues in mileage crediting to non Lifemiles mileage accounts.

Here are some links to Trip Reports on Avianca on their Boeing 787 from GRU-BOG and Avianca 330 from BOG-JFK.

Avianca Airbus 330 Business Class

To buy a simple version of the ticket you can just go to Avianca.com or Google Flights. For help booking more complex tickets feel free to reach out to our team. Our team can also help with tips and tricks in the region.

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