Sunday, February 18, 2018

Aegean Airlines BCN-ATH Business Class

Aegean Airlines
Barcelona (BCN) to Athens (ATH)
Airbus 320 - Business Class
January 2018

Every year as an Aegean Star Gold member I receive several upgrade vouchers which I use on travel in eligible fare buckets. (Basically excluding the three lowest fare classes).

Barcelona to Athens is usually an easy upgrade and I settled into 1C , since I enjoy bulkhead seats and being first off the plane.

Aegean offers Business Class passengers a fast track that while not a significant benefit when traveling in January is almost a life saver in peak travel months.

The plane operates a euro-Business class seating plan, with just two rows with a blocked middle seat. Coach was packed to the gills and many individuals had to gate check their carry-on bags.

Christmas Decorations were still hanging in the plane even if it was mid-January.

Plenty of leg room in seat 1C

Here are the menus from the flight

In-flight service started off with some Greek (PICK) crackers and a choice of beverages.

Menus were also distributed and I went for the moussaka always a safe and good choice on a Greek carrier.

Chicken salad (a bit dry)

Wine Menu

Mousakka as my main course!

The classic Aegean dessert trio... 

Flight was relatively uneventful and I had a almost 4 hour layover in Athens to do some work and lounge hop a bit.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Barcelona "A" Gates Lounge review

I was flying back to New York for my birthday and to try out Iberia Premium Economy, the first flight from BCN to MAD was operated by the Puente Aereo service and departed from the A gates at BCN. 

Security lines are shorter in this part of the airport and my gate A2 was located just across from the lounge.

The lounge had the typical amenities the other BCN lounges have, plenty of small water bottles but soft drinks are Coke branded and available in the old school glass bottles.

Recently small sandwiches with diverse flavours such as Ham and Cheese to more exotic crab flavored sandwiches (which are best avoided)

The lounge can get busy as almost  all the flights to Madrid depart from this part of the airport.

Overall the lounge provided a decent experience and was a welcome  addition to the other lounges at BCN.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Athens Lounge tour (3/3): Lufthansa Business Lounge

Athens Lounge Tour: Part 3 of 3: The Lufthansa Business Class Lounge

Lufthansa a few years ago opened a Business Class lounge right next door to the recently renovated Aegean Schengen lounge. The lounge is open to Business Class and Star Gold members except on flights operated by Olympic (which includes most intra-Greece flights as well as recently the Athens to Larnaca flights.

What differentiates this lounge from the Aegean lounge is the greater selection of food options as well as a pretty decent selection of Scotch and Whiskeys. One annoying feature is that the lounge does not have bathroom facilities, instead directing passengers to the common use terminal bathroom, which is a significant step down from the Aegean lounge which has its own facilities.

Just by the entrance there is a selection of Greek, German and English newspapers and magazines.

Buffet style meal options and some additional seating... 

Magazine selection and several coat-hangers (that I've never seen used) 

Yummy selection of pastries as well as Greek sausages and cheese...

Fresh pretzels, always a great option with a cold beer...

Unlike the Aegean lounge, water is served in large bottles , so it's impossible to take a bottle for the flight.

These were really tasty, Chocolate mouse with chilies...

Pretty decent drink selection for a pre-flight cocktail!!! 👍😉

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