Copa Airlines CM 102
Panama City (PTY)  Port-au-Prince (PAP)
Boeing 737-700 Business Class

After a short flight of about two hours we landed in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Immigration wasn't really messy, but it took some effort to negotiate a cab to the Le Plaza Hotel in downtown Port-au-Prince.

Le Plaza Hotel

Goat Curry for Dinner

Exploring Port-au-Prince!

Back in 2010, the capital was devasted by a horrible earthquake which killed over 200,000 individuals and ruined the capital. After 5 years, the city has recovered in certain areas but still many parts of the city are devastated such as the old Cathedral, which was built between 1881-1914 and consecrated in 1928.

Afterwards, I started exploring the city including various markets and street scenes.

Here is the New Yorker!

Marche de fer (Iron Market)


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