Interesting fare for travel to Dubai in November 2018. The fare starts in Riga, Latvia and connects with KLM or Air France via Amsterdam or Paris. 

The fun part is that you can add stopovers so on the return you can 28 hours in Amsterdam and collect your bags. In effect, this can be used as a Hidden City fare.

Flights are bookable via Google Flights...

KLM flies a Boeing 777 with 2-2-2 Business Class...

Air France is operating a Boeing 77W with 1-2-1 seating.
This cabin looks beautiful and is a very nice ride down to the sandpit 

The ability to schedule a long layover in ether Amsterdam or Paris allows passengers to skip the last flight, even with luggage. This is called Hidden City arbitrage and while frowned upon by certain airlines, it can provide savvy travelers with significant savings.. A simple RT from Amsterdam in Business is pricing out at €2600+ so by adding a segment you can save almost 60% off the regular price!!

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