9:26 AM
Sheremetyevo Airport - Jazz Lounge

Exiting Russia took a bit longer than anticipated with the boarder guard inspecting our passports on several occasions and also our FAN IDs. This was a bit odd considering we were trying to exit the country. Afterwards it was time to try out the Lounge. 

Aeroflot operates several lounges at SVO with names like Jazz, Classica, Moscow, etc!

I had to confirm with the information desk which lounge was which as they didn't have the logos on the info panels in the main terminal. But once we made our way to the Jazz lounge, the Aeroflot signage confirmed we were in the correct place.

At first the lounge was packed to the gills but then emptied out relatively quickly.

A variety of hot and cold dishes were available

A variety of Baby food was available, this is the second time I've seen this at an airport lounge. The first time was a few months ago at the new TAP Lounge in Lisbon.

After about an hour at the lounge, the majority of passengers had left and it was pretty spacious...

Another snack area on the other side of the lounge...

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