During these Covid-19 / Coronavirus times it is a question of whether or not to travel on vacation or for business versus should we stay locked down at home. While we recommend caution when booking trips, there are many legitimate reasons to travel and we can help with your pent-up desire to fly!

American citizens right now (late December 2020) have limited options when they wish to leave the country on vacation most of Europe is closed (Turkey, Croatia are open) and in South America many countries are closed (Argentina). But as time passes more countries are opening up with Brazil, Dominican Republic and Mexico having been open for months. Peru, Chile are now opening up as well as many Central America / Caribbean countries such as Costa Rica, Jamaica, Guatemala and Honduras.

As we approach the end of 2020, most flyers have had their status extended automatically for between 6 to 12 months depending on the program there are still some opportunities to obtain cheap airfares for travel in 2020 which could credit to travel in 2021 such as the cases of Delta with rollover MQMs or American Airlines where all travel in Q4 counts as 2021 travel so this is something that you must take into consideration when looking into airfares.

It is still a mystery as to how things will operate, we believe that travel after the Memorial Day period should hopefully have more markets reopened which could help the tourism industry of which millions of individuals across the globe.

There is still no clear end in sight even if various vaccines have started to be introduced as of now it all comes down to individual responsibility and risk tolerance. We recommend that individuals who have a desire to travel start traveling because that's how we can get our industry back on its feet and starting to adapt and live with the virus and plan travel in 2021 as well as targeted and safe travel in 2020.

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