MQD Runs

Need help with Delta MQDs and MQMs? Visit our sister site for additional details... Are you a frequent Delta flyer with significant MQMs who misses out on upgrades because your low MQD count and stuck at Gold when you could be a Delta Platinum or Diamond? 

We have published dozens of deals that allow you to maximize the value you get from each flight. We developed the MQD Ratio model that shows how many MQDs you can obtain per Dollar spent on Partner Airlines.

If you fly Delta this value is always below 1 as certain taxes and fees are not used in the calculation of MQDs. But when flying partner airlines, MQDs are calculated as a % of flown distance (0% to even 60% of distance) and it's very possible to find ratios of 2, 3 or in some case 5 to 1. 

EQD Runs on American Airlines

This follows the same concept as the Delta MQD runs but applied to American Airlines. 
A classic example is Transatlantic flights that many times have the same price on American Airlines and on Iberia, British Airways or Finnair code-shares, but if you fly on these code-shares you can obtain 20-25% of flown distance as EQDs which many times exceeds the EQDs earned on a flight with AA numbers. American is not as generous as Delta with 30% the cap on EQDs versus 60% on MQDs...

The best values can be found with Iberia and British Airways in particular with their Premium Economy fares that credit at 20% of distance as EQDs.

Flying Blue XP Runs

FlyingBlue has introduced the concept of experience points (XP) which provide savvy users with many Arbitrage opportunities. Their system values International flights over domestic flights, with an additional variable based on distance and cabin.

It can give weird values such as a flight from Vancouver to Seattle would earn more in the program than Seattle to New York! 

But within Europe it allows for some great Arbitrage opportunities from Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, the UK and more!

You can obtain Silver status with 100 XPs and this allows you Priority boarding and the ability to redeem for Air France First Class. To reach Gold Status which is equivalent to SkyTeam Elite you need 180 more XPs and then just need to fly that same amount each year to re-qualify.

We understand that "time is money" and with team members that are ex-Consultants we are driven towards allowing you to obtain status, miles and trips at the optimal value for you


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