Aeroflot SU 100
Comfort Class Boeing 77W

After spending a few days in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan it was time to fly back home to New York, I was able to find a Premium Economy ticket for just 100 USD more than coach and the idea of having a better seat, more legroom and just 8 across versus 10 in regular economy made it a no brainier.

Aeroflot uses the same seat as Air France in their Premium Economy Class and also serves entrees from the Premium cabin. The major difference is that alcoholic beverages are limited to just one or two with the main meal.

Pre-departure flight drinks (water or orange juice) were offered

Menus were handed out shortly after...

I went for the lamb chops as my main dish... two small salads were also served with the entree...

Decent IFE built into the seat  

A few hours later a second meal was offered and unlike most EU-NA flights, this was a full meal (Salmon in my case)

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