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After a rainy/stormy day in Hong Kong we were off to the airport with enough time to try both the Wing First Class lounge as well as the new Pier First Class lounge.

While I believe the food is better at the Pier, the ambiance still feels nicer at the Wing due to its airness and lower crowds. But enough words, lets let the pictures tell the story...
The Wing - Self serve buffet!

The Sit-down restaurant located right next to the buffet aka "The Haven"

The Long Bar at the Wing

Then this is by far the highlight of the Wing... the Cabanas which can be booked and include, a tub , a shower and a day bed...

Afterwards it was time to explore the other lounges at HKG. But first, the traveling bear wanted to get a picture with her old friend the Harrods bear

Now it was time to explore the Pier, which meant a long hike down the terminal and a short escalator ride one floor down.

Plenty of food options, but we just settled for a dessert and a soup.

There is a side room called the Pantry where you can grab some snacks as well as a fully loaded soft-drinks/water bottle refrigerator.

Overall, I still think the Wing wins as the best lounge at HKG. If you disagree, please feel free to comment below!


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