10:28 AM
Aegean Airlines
Barcelona (BCN) to Athens (ATH)
Airbus 320 - Business Class
January 2018

Every year as an Aegean Star Gold member I receive several upgrade vouchers which I use on travel in eligible fare buckets. (Basically excluding the three lowest fare classes).

Barcelona to Athens is usually an easy upgrade and I settled into 1C , since I enjoy bulkhead seats and being first off the plane.

Aegean offers Business Class passengers a fast track that while not a significant benefit when traveling in January is almost a life saver in peak travel months.

The plane operates a euro-Business class seating plan, with just two rows with a blocked middle seat. Coach was packed to the gills and many individuals had to gate check their carry-on bags.

Christmas Decorations were still hanging in the plane even if it was mid-January.

Plenty of leg room in seat 1C

Here are the menus from the flight

In-flight service started off with some Greek (PICK) crackers and a choice of beverages.

Menus were also distributed and I went for the moussaka always a safe and good choice on a Greek carrier.

Chicken salad (a bit dry)

Wine Menu

Mousakka as my main course!

The classic Aegean dessert trio... 

Flight was relatively uneventful and I had a almost 4 hour layover in Athens to do some work and lounge hop a bit.


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