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Athens Lounge Tour: Part 2 of 3: The "new" Aegean Non-Schengen Lounge

Aegean Airlines recently opened a new Athens lounges used for most  Non-Schengen flights which was recently opened allowing Star Alliance members and Aegean Airlines passengers access to this lounge. This lounge offers a significant improvement over the 3rd Party lounges that were available in the Non-Schengen part of the airport. The lounge is located near gate A13.

Similar to the other Aegean lounges, a self serve Coffee machine is available as well as 500 ml bottles of water, a huge plus when you wish to grab a bottle for the flight.

Personally, I love the use of an airplane beverage cart as a self-serve liquor cart. I would love to have one of these at home, (and they are available from various online sites for under $1500) but the Misses would not allow it! hehe 😂😂😕

Food Selection: A variety of sandwiches and hot cheese/spinach pies were on offer in addition to salads and several types of cookies and desserts. 

First time I've ever seen all 4 major Coca Cola types: Regular, Light m Zero and Life in a lounge. Zero is my favorite followed by Light/Diet.

Additional seating area:


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