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Athens Lounge Tour: Part 3 of 3: The Lufthansa Business Class Lounge

Lufthansa a few years ago opened a Business Class lounge right next door to the recently renovated Aegean Schengen lounge. The lounge is open to Business Class and Star Gold members except on flights operated by Olympic (which includes most intra-Greece flights as well as recently the Athens to Larnaca flights.

What differentiates this lounge from the Aegean lounge is the greater selection of food options as well as a pretty decent selection of Scotch and Whiskeys. One annoying feature is that the lounge does not have bathroom facilities, instead directing passengers to the common use terminal bathroom, which is a significant step down from the Aegean lounge which has its own facilities.

Just by the entrance there is a selection of Greek, German and English newspapers and magazines.

Buffet style meal options and some additional seating... 

Magazine selection and several coat-hangers (that I've never seen used) 

Yummy selection of pastries as well as Greek sausages and cheese...

Fresh pretzels, always a great option with a cold beer...

Unlike the Aegean lounge, water is served in large bottles , so it's impossible to take a bottle for the flight.

These were really tasty, Chocolate mouse with chilies...

Pretty decent drink selection for a pre-flight cocktail!!! 👍😉


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