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Turkish Airlines has filed an interesting one-way fare from Helsinki to Miami with a stop in Istanbul (free stopover allowed) for under $1200.

This presents flyers with a savvy opportunity to use a "hidden city trick" and use this oneway fare to fly to New York or Chicago and then "miss the connection".
As all passengers must clear customs at the first point of entry into the United States you can collect your luggage even if you were supposed to fly to MIAmi. 😉

Don't do this often as airlines are not that keen on this revenue management trick, but for the occasional deal, it might be worth exploring.

Here are some pictures of the Airbus 330 and Boeing 777 that Turkish Airlines operates.

Airbus 330

Turkish Boeing 777

While Turkish is known for their out of this world lounge in Istanbul and excellent food in-flight, their business class does not offer direct aisle access and in the case of the Boeing 777 even has a 7 across seat map (similar to Emirates). But the mileage earning on this fare makes it very interesting as it can be combined with a multi month stopover in Istanbul to increase flexibility.

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