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Terminal 3 at London Heathrow has a variety of lounges available for passengers flying in First Class or those who have OneWorld Emerald status. This variety of lounges allows passengers who arrive a bit early to the airport to almost do a Tour-de-Lounges or Lounge hop trying out the different lounges and the distinct factors that differentiate each lounge.

Our first stop in the Tour de Lounges is the Cathay Pacific First Class lounge which is our first stop for two main reasons: It has it's own sit-down restaurant that serves a variety of dishes from traditional pub-grub such as "Fish and Chips", to Asian-style soups and delicious pastas. Truly a culinary experience that justifies spending a decent amount of time in this lounge.

One of the highlights of this lounge is the sit-down restaurant which was always almost empty when I passed through Terminal 3.

Italian Pasta dishes...

Asian Noodle soups

Thai Curry/Peanut soup

Full Menu from Early 2018

Outside the restaurant one

Plenty of seating areas all over the lounge...


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