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Tour de Lounges at LHR T2 - Air Canada

As part of the Tour de Lounges at LHR T2 I stopped by the AIr Canada lounge. This lounge is also located in the satellite terminal at T2 and right next to the Singapore lounge. 

There is a bartender that serves a variety of drinks, but it doesn't compare to the variety and quality of cocktails at the United lounge or the sweetness of a freshly made Singapore Sling at the SQ lounge.

The lounge also had a variety of dishes available buffet style, but lacking the variety of the Singapore or even United Club.

The entrance to the lounge is sleek and there is plenty of seating available so this lounge can serve as a backup lounge if the SQ lounge is too crowded. But in my opinion, this lounge deserves a pass.

What you encounter overall is an average and acceptable lounge that won't disappoint nor impress. Overall, a rare miss on this Tour of Lounges.


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