9:50 AM
Singapore SilverKris Lounge at LHR Terminal 2

The Singapore SilverKris Lounge at LHR Terminal 2 is not as nice as the United Club but still has a bartender that can make some pretty decent drink such as these delightful and strong Singapore Slings...

One of the major negatives is the limited space between seating areas which can make the lounge can feel super crowded at peak times before the three Singapore flights.

Food options include a variety of hot and cold dishes served buffet style as well as some small sandwiches...

One of the interesting desert options are some 'Singapore Slingice cream that keep you in the Singapore mood...

 Double trouble SIngapore slings and Ice cream 😜

Of course, the lounge also includes several coffee machines, a great way to caffeine-up after some slings... 😉


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