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The British Airways lounges are currently being renovated at Terminal 7 in JFK. This means that the First-Class lounge is closed and a variety of airlines are utilizing the single BA Galleries lounge. 

The lounge itself can get crowded but it does have some visual features including a water fountain in the middle of the lounge.

Beverages were available in a small self-serve beer pub area near the pre-flight dinner area and a larger area with several types of alcohol, champagne and soft drinks. Sadly, no water bottles were available to take for your flight. That's a feature I enjoy as it allows you to skip stopping elsewhere for a water fix.

Food options included several types of veggies with what seemed like freshly made potato chips.

After a while some soups were brought out to provide some variety to the food options.

To be honest it's not the greatest lounge, there are some sandwiches on offer and a decent beer selection but overall, it’s not a lounge worth spending too much time until the renovations are complete.

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