3:07 PM
Ethiopian Airlines 809 ADD - JNB
Airbus 350 - Business Class

I was really looking forward to this flight. I originally had selected a seat in the middle of the cabin, which is configured in a 2-2-2 format. But in the lounge prior to departure I saw that row 1 was empty and that changing to this seat would offer me an empty seat next to me.

The first row of coach as well as the aisle seat of the second row offered excellent leg space.

The first thing that I noticed was the spaciousness of the cabin, there are no center overhead bins which gives the plane a very clean and open feel. Ethiopian does not offer WiFi nor Mood lighting on the plane, but still it has a good overall feel.

The flight was scheduled at just over 5 hours and even if it was departing at 830 AM was fully catered as a lunch flight.

I was extremely happy to see an Ethiopian option on the menu and was even more suprised I was told that this was in addition to the main dish! This was going to be a food feast flight and I was looking forward to it.

I set up my base across two seats, with the window seat used to display the flight info on the screen and as a cargo spot.

PremiumCabinBear had her own seat!

After takeoff a choice of beverages were offered with a plate of Ethiopian Kolo (which is similar to toasted barley with nuts and chickpeas mixed in), it was a tasty and unique option.

The food service included a Starter (salmon in my case), a Seasonal Salad, a main course (I chose Monkfish, which after trying it on American Airlines last year has become one of my favorite fishes) as well as an Ethiopian dish with five dishes and two types of Injera bread, this was followed by a desert course. Overall it was a food paradise and I've never felt more stuffed on a flight, even in First Class much less Business Class. I cannot underestimate the benefits of flying Ethiopian Airlines out of Addis Ababa (ADD) to be able to enjoy this dish.

The flight went along uneventfully and just after five hours after takeoff we were approaching Johannesburg.

In flight Menu for Beverages and Food

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