8:52 AM

Ethiopian Airlines 727 
MXP-ADD (originating in BRU)
Boeing 787-8 Business Class

The flight started boarding over an hour in advance, and when I showed up some 45 minutes prior to departure I was among the last passengers to board. Just a heads up you can do an OLCI 36 hours prior to your flight, but there is a quick passport check prior to boarding.

This flight was operated by a Boeing 787 with a 2-2-2 cabin. I selected seat 2D and was happy to report that the seat next to me was empty allowing me to have some additional space.

The flight starts in BRU and there were several passengers who were sleeping when I boarded the plane.

Catering was a bit of a mess on this flight, which was supposed to have a dinner and then breakfast service. But only the dinner service was offered, I was told that it was because other passengers had requested the breakfast service.

Amenity kits were distributed in a variety of colors such as red, yellow and green. Here are the contents of the Yellow amenity kit.

Menus from the flight.

Service started with a seared chicken with cabbage salad. I ordered the grill beef tenderloin with roasted potatoes. This sounded good on paper,but in reality it was an old shoe sole, rough and way overcooked.

Dessert options included a cheese plate and a Sweet Caramel Baravois with a Chocolate sauce. I was offered some Port wine with dessert and it was a strong compliment to the two desserts.

Flight time was about six hours, so with the dinner service taking close to an hour after menus were distributed to when the first plate was served and lasting some 45 minutes overall.

I slept for about two hours and then we started our descent into Addis Ababa, where I had a close to two hour layover before my flight to Johannesburg.

The flight was pretty empty and after talking with some of the staff, it seems it was not a one-off issue. Ethiopian offers these two-stop services combining multiple cities on the same route which adds time and stops, something not all passengers enjoy.

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