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Mozambique was until 1975 a Portuguese colony and the influence of that era is visible in the architecture of the city, where many buildings date to the colonial period. The city has had a variety of new buildings and now the tallest/longest suspension bridge in Africa is being built with Chinese funds/assistance.

I started my tour of the city with a visit to the main fortress located in the center of the city, this was followed by a visit to the Central Train Station and its transportation museum. 

Near the Botanical Gardens one can find the Iron House (Casa de Ferro) , which was designed by Gustav Eiffel and a monument to the first President of Mozambique.

Iron House

Afterwards I crossed by ferry (not for the faint of heart) to Catembe where I had lunch on the beach overlooking the city. Then it was time to head back to Maputo, stopping by the Fisheries and Currency museums.

I finished the day with some more seafood at a local restaurant located by my guesthouse.

The following morning I went to a local cafe for breakfast, enjoying a tasty cappuccino and some "Portuguese-style" breakfast.

Central Train Station 

Central Train Station

World War 2 Monument

Ferry to Catembe 

Lunch on the beach at Catembe

Catembe beach

Catembe beach

Catembe beach

Catembe beach

Catembe beach

Old Colonial buildings

Old Colonial buildings

Piri Piri spices are originally from Mozambique and the founders of Nando's were from Portuguese Mozambique and later they moved to South Africa and the chain expanded to the United Kingdom and across the globe.

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