BA 11
London (LHR) to Singapore (SIN)
Airbus 380 - First Class

Recently, I had the chance to try out British Airways First Class on their Airbus 380 and Boeing 787-9 models. Here is the first part of my trip report:

The "Whalejet" with the sun behind her...

Travelling Teddy Bear ready for her flight!

Let's check out the seat and cabin on board this British Airways Airbus 380...

How to use your suite guide... ;)

The traveling teddy bear getting ready for her flight:

Here's the Menu for tonight's flight:

My usual Blue with no ice and water on the side...

Galantine of corn-fed chicken with beetroot, girolles, gingerbread and golden raisin purée. 

Lobster Consome with garlic pearls

Cheese Plate midflight...

Slept for a bit more and woke up hungry, so decided to order some more snacks while watching War & Peace...

BA Steak

Afterwards, I slept for a few hours before a Brunch/Breakfast service was served (even if we landed at 5 PM)

Sleep time!

Breakfast time!

Full English Breakfast!

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