9:24 AM
American Airlines
Boeing 777
Raleigh–Durham (RDU) to London (LHR)

My wife and I were returning to London after a lovely week in New York and booked this flight as we were able to clear C space to utilize our eVips or SWUs.

We positioned down to RDU from LaGuardia departing out of Terminal C instead of the usual Central Concourse.

The cabin was lit up in Red, White and Blue lights and shortly after Menus were distributed.

Service started with the classic warm nuts with Jack and Zero for me.    

The starter was a Melon Manchego carpaccio which was refreshing and tasty. The salad was a saffron infused orzo salad.

I've learned to never trust American Airlines beef as the usual cooking point is burnt tire or old shoe! ;)
So I went with the Grilled Chicken which was surprisingly tasty.

My wife had the shoe...

You can never go wrong with ice cream sundaes on American, it's a small touch of home that you don't get on non-American airlines.

As we were flying across the pond, sleep time is limited and it's best to try to take advantage of every possible sleep minute. So we skipped breakfast in order to get sone rest on the short hop across the pond.    

A short hop across the pond and we landed in London where we had a car waiting to take us into the city since we had tons of luggage. 

Looking back at Main Cabin Extra

In-flight Menu

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