8:51 AM
Emirates First Class
Airbus 380
Dubai (DXB) to Dallas (DFW)

Emirates was the first airline to really show off their bling capabilities on the Airbus 380. Gold color fixtures are all over the seat and cabin. The seat even has a small "makeup" holder as well as a snack basket. There is also a mini beverage holder  with some water and soda at room temperature.

I was heading to New York but found no space on the direct flight so I booked myself to Dallas with a quick connection to LGA.

A huge salad to start off my flight...

Burger in First Class? Why not!

Towards the middle of the flight it was Caviar time!

Emirates was the first airline to introduce a shower at 35,000 feet and I must admit it's a guilty pleasure to be able to freshen up halfway through a 15-16 hour flight.

A fresh fruit plate served after my shower! :D

Another plus on this flight was that the cabin was half full. it has been an issue on some recent Emirates flight that the service can have some issues when the cabin of 14 suites is completely full. On this occasion it was not the case and I was even able to use another suite as my dinning room. 

Another strong benefit of flying Emirates is that you can eat what you want when you want with the whole menu available at any time during the flight. You can also prebook your shower time to match your preference timewise. As my flight departed  at Dark O'clock it was best to shower closer to landing in Dallas. 

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