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Swiss and Lufthansa are having a published sale from London to Shanghai / Hong Kong and Beijing on their lovely Airbus 330s.  Lufthansa is also matching the price but it books into P class which credits at 0% to programs such as Aegean.

The fare books into P Class, which unlike Lufthansa does credit at least at 100% to most Star Alliance programs.

Hong Kong starts at £1352. Departures can be outof LHR (which has some excellent lounges) or LCY for those working closer to London City Airport.

Shanghai and Beijing go for £1360

Swiss Airbus 330s and 340s

At PremiumCabin.Deals, our team can work with you on a consulting session to plan a trip around this fare if based in London or other parts of Europe. For all travelers we can also work to figure out dates and how to position in order to to take advantage of this "Premium Cabin Deal" ! 😃

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