Condor is having an interesting sale ex-Germany. Ex-Germany flights at times can be expensive with many local fliers utilizing flights via Doha or Muscat so at a price of €1250 for a nonstonoflight it is definitely a Premium Cabin Deal!!

Flights are operated by recliner seats on Boeing 767s and start at €1300 RT!

Ex Kuala Lumpur prices out at USD 1538!

Ex Frankfurt prices out at €1300!

Another good deal is Premium Economy which credits to Alaska Mileage Plus at 125% of flown distance!

Prices start at USD 872 ex- Kuala Lumpur

Prices ex-Frankfurt price out at €610!

Condor Boeing 767 Business Class

The Business Class product is slightly dated, with a non-lie flat seat that reclines to a 170 degree angle. The seat reminded me of an old TAM or Korean Airbus 330 seat.

At PremiumCabin.Deals, our team can work with you on a consulting session to plan a trip around this fare if based in Frankfurt or other parts of Europe. For all travelers we can also work to figure out dates and how to position in order to to take advantage of this "Premium Cabin Deal" ! 😃

Want to learn more about how to travel like this for economy prices or have any questions regarding miles / points or flights. Reach out to the team here at and follow us on Instagram!


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