Delta and Aeromexico are having a sale on flights from varios US cities to Quito, Ecuador. This Premiumcabindeal 😉 is that Aeromexico gives you 40% of flown distance as MQD Spend on Delta. Great for passengers needing to top up their accounts as we approach year end.

JFK from $860 - 12088 MQMs, 16116 RDMs and 3223 MQDs
Los Angeles from $863 -  10478 MQMs, 13968 RDMs and  2793 MQDs
Las Vegas from $894 -  10340 MQMs, 13784 RDMs and  2756 MQDs
Chicago from $863 -  10876 MQMs, 14500 RDMs and  2900 MQDs 

JFK to Quito from $860 - 12088 MQMs, 16116 RDMs and 3223 MQDs

Los Angeles to Quito from $863 -  10478 MQMs, 13968 RDMs and  2793 MQDs

Las Vegas to Quito from $894 -  10340 MQMs, 13784 RDMs and  2756 MQDs

Chicago to Quito from $863 -  10876 MQMs, 14500 RDMs and  2900 MQDs 

What to do in Quito?
One can tour the presidential palace (for free) and learn about the interesting heritage and culture of the city. You can also use this as a stepping stone for flights to the Galapagos Islands.

Aeromexico Boeing 737 Business Class

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