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It's almost December...  and many travelers are falling just short of their status goals for the year. Either due to low MQD (Spend in Delta language) or short on miles... 

We have decided to post a few last minute Mileage Run deals (and by last minute, we mean as soon as this weekend...) 😉😁

These flights aim to maximize miles earned and Spend (MQDs) without focusing on the destination, in several occasions these are same-plane turn. In effect, you get off the plane and return to your origin point. It's all about the miles. We have focused our searches on flights departing Saturday or Sunday so that no vacation days are used up for these "runs"...

New York Departures
  • JFK-MEX -MDE 11772  RDMs  15696   MQMs   3139 MQDs
  • JFK-MEX -GUA 8238  RDMs  10984   MQMs   2196 MQDs
  • JFK-MEX -SAL 8616  RDMs  11488   MQMs   2297 MQDs
  • JFK-MEX -UIO 12087  RDMs  16116   MQMs   3223 MQDs
  • JFK-MEX -SJO 9828  RDMs  13104   MQMs   2620 MQDs


Los Angeles Departures
  • LAX-MEX -SAL 7005  RDMs  9340   MQMs   1868 MQDs
  • LAX-MEX -PTY 9153  RDMs  12204   MQMs   2440 MQDs
  • LAX-MEX -UIO 10476  RDMs  13968   MQMs   2793 MQDs

Chicago Departures
  • ORD-MEX -SAL 7404  RDMs  9872   MQMs   1974 MQDs
  • ORD-MEX -UIO 10875  RDMs  14500   MQMs   2900 MQDs

San Francisco Departures
  • SFO-MEX -SAL 7989  RDMs  10652   MQMs   2130 MQDs
  • SFO-MEX -UIO 11460  RDMs  15280   MQMs   3056 MQDs
  • SFO-MEX -GUA 7611  RDMs  10148   MQMs   2029 MQDs

Boston Departures

  • BOS-MEX -GUA 8796  RDMs  11728   MQMs   2345 MQDs
  • BOS-MEX -SJO 10386  RDMs  13848   MQMs   2769 MQDs

All of these flights are in Business Class so you can relax over a day of flying, enjoy a drink or two while catching up with movies or just relaxing...

Our team at PremiumCabin.Deals knows Mileage Running... from trips such as LGA-ORD-MSN-ORD-DUB-ORD-MSN-ORD-LGA with AA in Coach circa 2009 to weekend trips to South America on the JFK-GIG or JFK-EZE routes or even LGA-ATL-LAX and back.. We understand that status for many passengers is key and we wish to help you achieve your status goals...


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