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Nice deal for flights from Los Angeles to Shenyang on China Southern. The tickets have a Minimum Stay of 7 Days and Maximum Stay of 3 Months!

Shenyang is the capital and largest city of China’s northeast Liaoning Province. It was the site of the 17th-century Manchu capital Mukden, and the imposing Mukden Palace (Shenyang Imperial Palace) is a blend of Manchurian and Tibetan architectural styles. 

China Southern leaves SkyTeam effective January 1, 2019. So no miles on Delta or other programs. During 2019 China Southern will be able to credit to American Airlines but the details are not clear as of the time of this post. Travel late in 2019 will most likely credit but it's pure speculation as of now.

China Southern Airbus 330  with 1-2-1 lie-flat seating

At PremiumCabinDeals, our team can work with you on a consulting session to plan a trip around this fare if based in Los Angeles or other parts of North America. For all travelers we can also work to figure out dates and how to position in order to to take advantage of this "Premium Cabin Deal" ! 😃

Want to learn more about how to travel like this for economy prices or have any questions regarding miles / points or flights. Reach out to the team here at PremiumCabinDeals.com and follow us on Instagram!


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