Salzburg is the hometown of Mozart and from the Museum dedicated to him , to the various chocolates ans more. it is also well know from the Sound of Music. Located just 1:28 from Munich it serves as an ideal base to explore the lake district and any Sound of Music type of tours...

Salzburg has a variety of lovely attractions from the Modern Art museum to the old squares full of life... it also can be overwhelming due to the amount of tourists on day trips.... so its best to stay a few days and enjoy the city...

We arrived from Munich and took a quick cab ride to the Hotel Elephant which is located in a 14th-century building and just a minute's walk from Mozart's birthplace.

Breakfast at the Hotel

We later went to the Cathedral which has a lovely midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

After resting on Christmas Day we decided to visit Hotel Sacher and enjoy the Vienna specialty Sacher Tarte with a spiked Hot Chocolate.

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