This gem of a lounge has one of the greatest features I have seen at an airport lounge, direct boarding for all passengers in the lounge by bus to the airplane. No waiting in lines nor anything. Just relax till boarding is announced, walk a few meters and then board the plane.

Several self-serve alcoholic beverages...

Access is given to Star Gold member and passengers flying Business Class. 

As my flight was at an ungodly early time, breakfast was on offer and the lounge features an excellent xof6fee machine (Nespresso capsules) after two coffees of 3 capsules each I decided to explore the food options.

Aegean has really improved these past years with new lounges in the non Schengen part of Athens airport as well as thoer master Lounge in Athens. Reviews of both can be found in these links.

Overall the experience was great except for one agent who asked me why I was taking photos, I indicated that I ran a travel consultancy and she was satisfied with my answer.

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