British Airways is having a nice sale during the Christmas period for flights between Amsterdam and Bangkok via London. The London to Amsterdam flights are on the older Boeing 777 but the fact that you can add a 24 hour layover on the return or even change airports which makes this an ideal Hidden City opportunity.

This is a classic example of our Travel Optimization service, where we see some Point of Origin Arbitrage (flying out of Amsterdam versus London) and City-Specific Arbitrage (as London based flyers usually have to pay significantly more than other travelers) as well as Hidden City Arbitrage since the return flight can be "skipped".

The British Airways flights into London land in LHR but the segment from London to Amsterdam can depart from London City or London Gatwick or Heathrow. This forces you to clear immigration and collect your bags at London and with the terrible traffic at times, allows you to forget the last segment. 😁

British Airways Boeing 777 Business Class has an 8 across business class. While not an excellent product it features an average type of product. It is sometimes called Coffin Class... 

At PremiumCabin.Deals, our team can work with you on a consulting session to plan a trip around this fare if based in London / Amsterdam or other parts of Europe. For all travelers we can also work to figure out dates and how to position in order to to take advantage of this "Premium Cabin Deal" ! 😃

Want to learn more about how to travel like this for economy prices or have any questions regarding miles / points or flights. Reach out to the team here at and follow us on Instagram!


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