If you are flexible travel wise and don't mind doubling your travel time then this deal is made for you. It's all about accumulating Delta MQDs. This fare works great for US flyers in cities such as Detroit, Chicago, Vermont or other cities near Canada.

Vancouver:  32712  RDMs  24534 MQMs  6542 MQDs  3.19 MQD Ratio
Toronto:  30976  RDMs  23232  MQMs  6195 MQDs  3.02 MQD Ratio

Some flights have longer layover, but in Mexico City is is possible to arrange a visit to a historical site such as Teotihuacan (UNESCO World Heritage site) a vast archaeological complex near Mexico City during the layover.

How to book this fare?
A) Search ITA Matrix
B) Input dates via Multi-City into your favorite online travel agent
C) If that doesn't work, copy and paste the ITA Matrix data into BookWithMatrix. 
D) Prep yourself for your trip!
E) If you need help reach out to us and we can help optimize your Travel needs for a small fee!

Vancouver to Amsterdam

Toronto to Amsterdam

Aeromexico Boeing 787-9 Business Class

Aeromexico Boeing 737 Business Class

Want to learn more about how to travel like this for economy prices or have any questions regarding miles / points or flights. Reach out to the team here at PremiumCabinDeals.com and follow us on Instagram!


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