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Want to pad up your Delta MQDs? Try this deal from across the USA
Which is a short fly away from the Mayan city of Tikal, a UNESCO World Heritage site

In Mexico City is is possible to arrange a visit to a historical site such as Teotihuacan (UNESCO World Heritage site) a vast archaeological complex near Mexico City during the layover.

Aeromexico is great for Delta flyers as it credits 40% of flown distance as MQD Spend. Great for passengers needing to top up their accounts as we approach year end.

Many of these options also allow you to go cheaper, as low as $489 but with an extra over-night stay in Mexico City or Monterrey... 

ORD-GUA  would earn  9364   RDMs  7023   MQMs  1873 MQDs  3.53 MQD Ratio
LAS-GUA   would earn  8652   RDMs  6489   MQMs  1730  MQDs  3.10 MQD Ratio
IAH-GUA    would earn  5676    RDMs  4257  MQMs  1135   MQDs  2.11 MQD Ratio
JFK-GUA   would earn  10984  RDMs  8238  MQMs    2196 MQMs 3.95 MQD Ratio
LAX-GUA   would earn  8836   RDMs  6627   MQMs  1767  MQDs  3.11 MQD Ratio
DFW-GUA  would earn  6364   RDMs  4773   MQMs  1272 MQDs  2.20 MQD Ratio
MCO-GUA  would earn  7748   RDMs  5811   MQMs  1549 MQDs  2.77 MQD Ratio
SEA-GUA   would earn  11952 RDMs  8964   MQMs  2390 MQDs  3.19 MQD Ratio
DTW-GUA  would earn  10222 RDMs 7667    MQMs  2044 MQDs  2.83 MQD Ratio
SFO-GUA   would earn  10670 RDMs 8002    MQMs  2134 MQDs  4.02 MQD Ratio
SLC-GUA   would earn  10572 RDMs 7930    MQMs 2114  MQDs  3.65 MQD Ratio
ATL-GUA    would earn  10064 RDMs 7548   MQMs  2013 MQDs  3.48 MQD Ratio

Most of the flights are operated by narrow-body planes with a 2-2 recliner seat business class.

Aeromexico Embraer 190 Business Class

Aeromexico Boeing 737 Business Class

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