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I had taken advantage of a promo from Sao Paulo to Buenos Aires and had the chance to try Austral as it was one of the few options with miles between the two cities. 

LATAM even if they operate several flights between the cities can be pretty stingy with award space leaving the Ethiopian and Turkish flight available using Star Alliance miles and Qatar using OneWorld miles.

I booked the flight and this was my first time flying Austral in 15 years. They operate a fleet of Embraer 190s with a similar configuration to US regional planes: 1-2 seating in Business Class and 2-2 in Coach.

Boarding is in three groups SkyPriority, Rows 15 and higher and then Rows 4-14. This priority boarding was slightly ironic as the boarding was done via bus and therefore Priority passengers had the longest wait both on the bus which were closer to regular Buenos Aires city buses than Airport buses.

I didn't want to spend additional miles on the 2:45 hop to Brazil so flew this flight in Coach.

The Argenine air market has recently deregulated and several new airlines have entered operating in some cases from Aeroparque AEP and at times from El Palomar Airport (EPA).

I took an Uber from Cañitas to the airport and had a lovely ride with just the usual rush hour traffic.
In-flight service consisted of a "sandwich de miga" a typical Argentine Ham and Cheese sandwich and an "Alfajor." 

You also had a choice of beverages (all non-alcoholic) and then coffee and tea. The ride was rough at times with a bit of turbulence during the first half of the flight.

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