Located in Moron on the outskirts of Buenos Aires the Museo Aeronáutico Nacional / National Aeronautics Museum located at the Moron Military Air Force base.

The best way to reach the museum is via Uber or better yet a Cabify.

Just don't put the Museum as the destination as Google Maps shows the geographic access but not the real access which is at the "Moron Air Force", (even as someone who lived over a decade in Argentina, fluent in Spanish and who is familiar with that area of Gran Buenos Aires it took some back and forth to find the Museum)

Bring an ID (Passport or DNI) as it's a military base, then walk about 600 meters and you'll see the two hangers where a variety of unique planes are on display.

Outside the entrance is an Austral MD-87 and an derelict F-28...

There is also an Avro Lincoln which was a bit of a surprise as I wasn't aware of an operational history of the plane in Argentina. In 1947 Argentina received 15 models and they were in service until the 1960s. It is just one of four surviving examples.

There is also a Henkel flying wing glider that crossed the Andes mountains, you can see the mastermind behind the flying wing.

The highlights of the museum are the Argentine planes such as the IA E 27 Pulqui and IA-33 Pulqui built in the late 1940s and early 1950s and are some of the earliest jets in Southern America.



There are many examples of Mirage III that served in Falklands/Malvinas conflict.
Mirage III

Fokker F28 ex-Presidential Fleet

Antarctic mission planes

Antarctic mission planes

Another hall is dedicated to the conflict and honors the Argentine flyers lost in the war.

The Argentine Air Force punched above its weight and did cause significant losses on British ships. Some of the flying techniques such as flying just above the waves to avoid Radar detection have become case studies in Air Sea fighting...

Walking around the second hanger one can learn about several pioneering women in flight in Argentina from "barnstormers" to parachute demonstrations in the 1920s across Argentina.

The museum crowd included lots of families and no foreigners when I visited but it is well worth the trek to Moron.

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