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Hot sale from Tel Aviv to New York. The fare itself is pretty good, but there is a large amount of flexibility to add segments which can make this a very attractive XP Run.

This fare books into J/Z class and requieres 6 Days stay or Sunday night stay.

TLV-AMS-JFK  gives 22812 RDMs, 17710 MQMs and 4562 MQDs... XP wise it would be 24 each way for AMS-TLV and 30 XPs for JFK-AMS or 108 XPs in Total.

TLV-AMS-LHR-JFK-AMS-CDG-TLV  gives 24394 RDMs, 18297 MQMs and 4879 MQDs... 
XP wise it would be 24 each way for AMS-TLV / TLV-CDG and 30 XPs each way  JFK-LHR with 15 XPs for AMS-LHR and AMS-CDG for a total of 3p XPs more or 138 XPs in Total.

KLM  Business Class

Delta Business Class


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