Are you a Consultant/Business Traveler flying non-stop across Europe but still can't obtain the status level that you wish or desire? Then try the XP Run, where over the cost of a weekend and for under €700 you can accumulate up-to 90 XPs which works great for those chasing status with Air France/KLMs Flying Blue program as you accumulate almost enough XPs for Silver status over just one weekend and spending time exploring cities across Europe.

Here at PremiumCabin.Deals we take pride on finding these fares and publishing them both on our site and public Frequent Flyer programs. This post is based upon Travel Hacking story we published last month with the Germany to Denmark flights and also the Georgia Travel Hack fare.

What can you do in Billund? Read some tips here!

This time we are flying out of Spain!

How to book this fare?
A) Search ITA Matrix
B) Input dates via Multi-City into your favorite online travel agent
C) If that doesn't work, copy and paste the ITA Matrix data into BookWithMatrix. 
D) Prep yourself for a day or night in Lego Land!
E) If you need help reach out to us and we can help optimize your Travel needs!

90 Flying Blue XP Points from Barcelona

90 Flying Blue XP Points from Valencia

90 Flying Blue XP Points from Bilbao

90 Flying Blue XP Points from Madrid

90 Flying Blue XP Points from Malaga

Need help with Delta miles? Visit our friends at Got doubts about FlyingBlue? Try out FlyingBlueXPs  If you want have any questions regarding miles / points or flights. Reach out to the team here at PremiumCabin.Deals using the form below and don't forget to follow us on Instagram!


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