Here is an interesting sale with LATAM from JFK to BSB (Brasilia) the capital of Brazil. In itself it's not that great of a deal but there is something to take into account, the fare rules allow you to route via Santiago de Chile (on widebody planes) and back track to Brazil both ways increasing dramatically the total flying time and earned miles, going from 5,274 miles to 7,252 miles and adding in the chance of two vacations in one trip. This fare books into Z class.

AA flyers would only obtain 100% RDMs and EQMs or 14504 miles and 20% of distance as EQDs for a total of 2901 EQDs...

Alaska would credit at 100% EQMs or 14504 miles and 200% RDMs or 29008 miles...

LATAM Boeing 787 Business Class

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