Today we're going to talk about a promo for Air France flyers that are based in Italy.

This long weekend trip allows you to earn 180 XPs while enjoying one day in Paris and one day in Amsterdam before a quick hop to the real destination which is Denmark.

As you can see in the below example this allows you time to spend one hotel night in each of those cities with plenty of time to explore the cities you would have to leave Italy on Friday afternoon and be back on afternoon in effect taking one day off from work while enjoying a little getaway to two different cities.

This is extremely lucrative for Flying Blue members as there is a Double XP promo till December 31st this allows this trip that is originally a 90 XP trip to become a 180 XP trip which would allow you to become Silver in one trip or Gold in less than two trips.

Here at PremiumCabin.Deals we take pride on finding these fares and publishing them both on our site and public Frequent Flyer programs. 

How to book this fare?

A) Search ITA Matrix
B) Input dates via Multi-City into your favorite online travel agent
C) If that doesn't work, copy and paste the ITA Matrix data into BookWithMatrix. 
D) Prep yourself for a day or night in Lego Land!
E) If you need help reach out to us and we can help optimize your Travel needs!

Weekend getaway from Rome

Weekend getaway from Milan

Air France Business Class

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